The Offenders



As a document and manifesto of their 10 year anniversary, Berlin based Italo-German Ska Rockers THE OFFENDERS release their 6th studio album "X" (Destiny Records No.165) in international cooperation with Bomber Music (UK), Rudy's Back (France), KOB (Italia) and Stomp Recs (Canada). 12 melodic & rough dancefloor anthems with groovy Hammond offbeats and tasty Telecaster licks, a pulsating mixture of 2tone ska, late 70's punk-powerpop-mod revival and new wave soul. The sound Offenders always kept playing all over Europe and abroad, their own and original „Hooligan Reggae“ -  a trademark song which became their own genre, with messages and commitment and never falling into easy going slogans. Hard stomping hits for streetlife and party mood: A Berlin wasted night out in „Alles Muss Raus“, the life in the suburban blocks of „Harsh Reality“, over-the-top singalongs in „Tons of Drunks and Party Scum“ or the persecuted cult of „St. Pauli Swing Jugend“... From the Berlin-city melting pot of subcultures to the world ... for all Ska-heads, skins, punks, rudeboys and girls, football-supporters and rockers all over the planet, the sound of the streets is back!

1.   Alles muss raus
2.   Harsh Reality
3.   Tons of Drunks and Party Scum
4.   St.Pauli Swing Jugend
5.   From the East Side to U.K.
6.   Martens Style
7.   1000 mal vergessen
8.   Society
9.   Kids like me
10. Cheap Girl
11. 2Tone Time
12. Screwed up


Catalogue No: Destiny-165

Formats: CD Diggypack / LP orange vinyl & DL-Code



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