Ten years since the recording of Talco´s debut-album in a small studio in hometown Maghera, an industrial suburbia of Venice (the group remembers this moment as their real "birth", although active during the years before with constantly changing personel), ten years with 500 passionate concerts, five records, with highlights, failures, emotions and a development and growth from a small ska punk combo in your local youth centre to an international act with unique and unmistakeable style.

The jubilee manifestation for this event is pocket-small and portable and lets everybody participate at the party - it´s a live album, recorded in Pamplona, during two totally packed and sold out club shows.

In addition comes a bonus DVD with a DOCUMENTARY about the whole Talco history, with rare films, background infos, comments and inside views all bandmembers.


The old prejudice "live records are just a tiresome duty and nothing more but a stopgap or a Best-Of with worse sound...." has been disproved by Talco impressively: The group lives and dies for their shows and tours, gathers coryphees for technical support and organisation and delivers every night a rousing, ecstatically, fantastic live set. Pushing punk riffs meet hymnal horn-section sentences, infectious sing-a-longs, songs with the ultimate order to dance, but also sensitive tones, poetry and a clear political position.

And exactly this live experience has been taped for the album: the sound walls, the horns and choirs, the commitment of the singing audience, the atmosphere... 22 songs, all highlights and essence of Talco life works.

"10 Years" is also the history of 6 nice regular guys from a dreary industrial town in northern Italy who always did their thing unswervingly and even succeeded with it, with sold out shows in Germany, Spain, Russia, France, even Japan (and meanwhile also in their native country Italy).

And so the bonus DVD / band-documentary shows six young, absolute positive underdogs and kids from next door to be detained by nothing, without any arrogance or rock star habitus, giving everything with heart and brain and a vague plan and their unreserved devotion for the common project - with joy of playing, spreading their unique mix of punk rock, Eastern European sounding folk, Ska and Polka across the whole world.

+ CD and DVD with beautiful artwork and digipack
+ Double LP w. nice gatefold


2.L 'Odore Della Morte
3.Punta Raisi
4.Tarantella Dell’ Ultimo Bandito
5.La Parabola Dei Battagghi
6.Fischia Il Vento
7.La Carovana
8.San Maritan
9.Correndo Solo
11.Testamento Di Un Buffone
12.La Mia Citta
14.La Sedia Vuota
15.L ’Era Del Contrario
16.Bella Ciao
17.A La Patchanka
19.Danza Dell’ Autunno Rosa
20.La Roda De La Fortuna
22.La Torre