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Siberian Meat Grinder

New Record

The ultimate release of Russia´s Thrash Metal Punk maniacs - both debut EPs “Hail To The Tsar” and “Vs The World” first time on a full length album plus bonus track w. Moscow´s ska-punk legends Distemper.

11 tracks of unstoppable Crossover HC mixed with Punk, Power Metal, Doom and even Rap will take you straight to Siberian Hell, ruled by the mighty Bear-Tsar!

CD-Digipack also includes a booklet with lots of photos and art, the 1st pressing LP comes w. white vinyl and DL-code.

Hail To The Tsar (single version) by Siberian Meat Grinder


01 Hail To The Tsar 
02 Still In The Game  
03 Chainsaw In The Dark 
04 Slay The Dragon 
05 Laughing In Your Face 
06 From The Dust Returned 
07 Die On The Road 
08 Fuck Your Life 
09 Siberian Keelhaul 
10 Fire From The Grave
11 SMG feat Distemper - Fire In The Heart


Catalogue No: Destiny-162

Distribution: Dirty Six Recs


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