Jung, talentlos und gecastet

Die toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum

Jung, talentlos und gecastet


ReIssue of their legendary (and quite rare) debut, the original LP was only pressed 100 times (!!). Beginning with the album-title the girls (and their toy-boys) made unambiguously a statement: know-it-alls, music gourmets, rock-critics and trend scouts will be sent into the desert, while we will party! Published in 2010 on the groundbreaking record-label BEAT THE RICH, the album became a a real eye-cacher with the first single „Ich und mein Pony“ and it´s rapid success in the internet. The show- and live-experienced crew around founders LUISE FUCKFACE and DR. LYNN LOVE crossed Electrobeats with Eurodisco-Trash, Wave and Punk minimalism with catchy Sugar Pop combined with delightfully trashy but never silly lyrics . This image (that would have made every promo agent turning pale with envy) was developed by the formation by random, by „growing up in public“ and "learning by doing" - with sure instinct they played cleverly with self-ironic gesture, gutter-glamorous Trash lifestyle, excessive hedonism and a big mouth. All 15 songs on „Jung, talentlos & gecastet“, demonstrate a style with a lot of gash, fury and fun, true hits like "Crackhurentanz", "Ich hab keinen Spass", "Wir hassen Sport" or "Katzenfleisch"  - all located somewhere between trashy Eurodance and Electropunk-Underground - show a third way inbetween Scenester-In-Crowd and Music-for-Masses.


01. Spaß muss sein
02. Ich und mein Pony
03. Crackhurentanz
04. Ich hab keinen Spass
05. Wir hassen Sport
06. Katzenfleisch
07. Amt
08. Die Wahrheit
09. Alles Lüge
10. Ronny & Clyde
11. Mutti Mutti
12. Zieht eure T-Shirts aus
13. Bambi
14. Süsse Boyz
15. Lauft um euer Leben


Catalogue No: Destiny-156

Formats: CD / LP / DL



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