Good Riddance
Photo Credits: Alan Snodgrass

Good Riddance


Good Riddance is a hardcore punk band from Santa Cruz, California, formed in the early 1990s. The band was born out of California's vibrant surf and skateboard culture and was influenced by bands such as Black Flag, The Adolescents, TSOL, and Bad Religion, as well as East Coast bands such as Sick Of It All and the Cro Mags.
In 1994, the band piqued the interest of Fat Wreck Chords, who released the 7" "Decoy" that same year, while the band went into the studio with producer Ryan Greene to record their first full album, "For God And Country," which was released in early 1995.
Over the next decade, Good Riddance released seven albums and an EP for Fat while touring the globe dozens of times. Through their constant touring and politically charged music, the band developed a dedicated and passionate fan base. Good Riddance began donating a portion of their record sales to various organizations and did everything they could to bring attention to causes close to their hearts.
In May 2007, Good Riddance played their last show, fittingly in their hometown of Santa Cruz. After that, the members went their separate ways to start families and pursue careers. Although there have been numerous offers to regroup and play again over the past five years, the band has turned them all down.
In 2012, the members of Good Riddance decided to get back together and play a few concerts. The reason was simple: they missed the songs.


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