In times where family is everything we decided to expand ours:
Hjärtligt välkomna The Baboon Show! ❤️

Destiny's new Swedish children just finished working on their next record and are desperate to get back on stage and play those new tunes!
In fact, we might be announcing the first couple of shows already sometime soon. Would anyone be interested in that? 🤔

Until then, give it up to The Baboon Show and make sure they get the very warm welcome they deserve! 


💻 For any booking inquiries in Europe please get in touch with Katrin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) / for Spain please contact David (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We wish we had some better news for you this morning:
Unfortunately the upcoming Strike Anywhere tour is cancelled.

The band tried their best to make the shows happen, but due to the ongoing uncertainty and the whole situation it just won't be possible.
Everyone who already purchased a ticket will be able to get a refund, of course. Please get in touch with your ticket provider.

All we can say right now is that they will be back in Europe eventually. 🤞
Thank you all for understanding and stay safe! 💚

SA Absage NEWS

With a heavy heart we had to cancel the Strung Out from earlier this month, but now we are even happier to announce that they will come back to Europe eventually! 💫
2021, you are going to be a good one! 🎶

StrungOut Instagram 2021 NEWS

29.07.21 DE Hanover - Faust / Mephisto
30.07.21 DE Berlin - Cassiopeia *
31.07.21 DE Hamburg - Hafenklang
01.08.21 DE Kassel - Franz Ulrich
02.08.21 DE Annaberg-Buchholz - Alte Brauerei
07.08.21 BE Duffel - Brakrock Ecofest
08.08.21 DE Trier - Mergener Hof #
09.08.21 DE Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn &
12.08.21 DE Lindau - Club Vaudeville &
13.08.21 AT Wiener Neustadt - Triebwerk

# with Red City Radio and Elway
& with Lagwagon

* If you still have your ticket from this year's Berlin show, please hold on to it as it will remain valid for 2021.

Time for some happy-dancing in our living rooms:
We are finally able to share the first dates for Punk In Drublic Fest Europe 2021 with you! ❤️

Tickets for 2021 go on sale right now and all tickets purchased for 2020 will remain valid for the individual venues, of course.

We are currently turning on all of our charms to convince the acts confirmed for this year to jump on the 2021 line up but make sure to keep your fingers crossed until next week when we will be announcing the first bands for next year!
There also will be more cities and venues coming, don't worry!

Thank you all for your patience and support during the last few weeks and always remember: Taking a year off only means that we will come back stronger!
Here is to Punk In Drublic 2021 and to celebrating punk rock as we used and love to - live and loud! 🎸

Instagram NewDates
We cannot wait to see you in the mosh pit here:

13.05.21 FR Chemillé - Théâtre Foirail
15.05.21 BE Boom - De Schorre (Open Air)
16.05.21 DE Berlin - Zitadelle
21.05.21 AT Wiesen - Festivalgelände Wiesen
23.05.21 IT Milan - venue info coming soon!
29.05.21 UK Leeds - Slam Dunk Festival North
30.05.21 UK Hatfield - Slam Dunk Festival South
04.06.21 DE Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle Oberhausen
10.06.21 FI Turku - Vanha Suurtori
12.06.21 NO Oslo - Spektrum Arena
13.06.21 SE Malmö - venue info coming soon!

Yeah it's us, the Destiny crew, hosting ANOTHER streaming event. But you better don't miss out on it because
1) It's more than just acoustic gigs!
2) It's our first one!
3) It's Lagwagon day & it will be over in time, so you can hop over to their facebook page and continue the fun on their live hangout!
5) You don't have any other plans anyway - who are you even kidding!?

Destiny Live2020 NEWS

Hi folks, this is a quick heads up on our scheduled summer tours! 💻

Destiny Statement Instagram


With a heavy heart, we regret to inform you that the two Lagwagon tours this summer won't be able to happen as planned.
However, we managed to move all shows to next year! 🎉
All tickets will remain valid.

This just means another year of great anticipation, right?
Bring on 2021! ❤️
LW Instagram2021 1 NEWS

13.06. DE Hanover - Kulturzentrum Faust +#
15.06. CZ Prague - Rock Café
16.06. DE Munich - Backstage +
20.06. NL Amersfoort - Flour

+ with Good Riddance
# with MakeWar

LW Instagram2021 2 NEWS

31.07. DE Berlin - Columbiahalle +#
01.08. DK Copenhagen - Hotel Cecil
02.08. NO Oslo - John DEE
03.08. SE Gothenburg - Pustervik
06.08. DE Cologne - Live Music Hall
08.08. DE Schweinfurt - Stattbahnhof +
09.08. DE Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn &
12.08. DE Lindau - Club Vaudeville
15.08. DE Saarbrücken - Garage %

+ with The Adolescents
# with Bad Religion
& with Strung Out
% with MakeWar



Most of you assumed this already:
With a heavy heart we regret to inform you that due to new restrictions regarding mass gatherings the Punk In Drublic Fest Europe dates had to be moved to next year.

We are hoping for all shows to happen in May and June 2021 and will let you know about the exact dates end of next week.
All tickets will remain valid for next year.

Thank you for your patience in these difficult times.
We are looking forward to better days and to seeing you all in 2021. 
Until then: Stay safe and take care of each other.

This is a quick heads up that we didn’t forget about you.
On the contrary: We are working intensely on a solution for all of our tours planned for this summer, including Punk In Drublic.
We promise that there will be more info on rescheduled shows and options for ticket holders soon.
For now, we kindly ask for a tiny bit more of your patience and truly hope for your understanding.
Stay safe, stay healthy and look out for each other.

corona destiny3 NEWS

We know some of you have been wondering what is going to happen with our upcoming tours and are waiting for answers from our end.

So please note that as of right now all, all tours scheduled for May and June this year are still happening as planned. This includes Punk In Drublic Fest Europe as well as the Face to Face, Pennywise, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, Lagwagon, MakeWar, Good Riddance, NOFX and Pulley shows.
However, where possible we are, as a safety precaution, already preparing alternative dates.

In case the worst case scenario occurs and our shows in May and June actually do get cancelled due to measurements necessary and / or out of our control, we will immediately let you know when and where the new shows will take place. All tickets will remain valid under these circumstances, of course.

Thank you all for understanding!
Stay safe, take care of each other and hope for the best.

corona destiny3 NEWS