New videoclip by HC-Thrash-Coryphees Siberian Meat Grinder shot in the best traditions of classic slasher movies. 


Masked followers of the Bear Cult bringing the heretics to justice, protecting the real cult, sweet little animals and the eternal siberian forests, while sacrificing non-believers for catfood and a holy pelmeni-offerings. Time has come to put on the ritual mask, open the sacred book and praise the ancient cosmic Bear!

Known for smashing genre boundaries with their original style and blend of thrash, hardcore-punk, hip-hop, power & black metal and other - sometimes surprising - genres, Siberian Meat Grinder take everything to another level, venturing deeper and deeper INTO THE GRINDER, delivering more speed, more aggression, more epic melodies and more technical riffing than ever before, while not forgetting their hardcore roots …and the humor.

„Into The Grinder“ is the first of 2 singles for Siberian Meat Grinder’s 3rd album „Join The Bear Cult“ / Destiny-181 - out on april 22nd 2022

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 Photo: Jaka CurlicBand_Pic_JakaCurlic_web.jpg