Destiny-181  CD / LP / digital DL 

SMG - a metal/hardcore powerhouse from Russia's dark and snowy forests - love to smash genre boundaries with their unique style which blends together Thrash, Hardcore-Punk, Rap, Power Metal, Black- and Doom-Metal and some surprising genres like graffity, videogames, slasher-movies, skateboarding and bizarre cultic rites.

Taking everything to another level, "Join The Bear Cult” ventures deeper into the metal depths delivering more speed, more aggression, more epic melodies and more technical riffing than ever before, while not forgetting the hardcore roots and the humor. 

(Due to circumstances resulting from Covid-crisis the album had to be postponed on jan. 21st 22)


Time has come to put on the ritual mask, open the sacred book and praise the ancient cosmic "Bear-Tsar!“

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Video "Immolate Them All“

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