GREAT NEWS: LESS THAN JAXIT NOT happening in 2022!

Yes, that’s right - you heard it here first: UK, you are always close and dear to our hearts, so not only are we sending you the amazing Less Than Jake next year, but we also put the most awesome bands we could think of as supports: Skinny Lister, The Toasters and Millie Manders & The Shutup!!

Since we are being proper diplomats here, we managed to squeeze in a bunch of ‚mainland dates‘ as well!

So here is to 2022 - may it be better, louder, funner and Less Than Jake-ier than the past two years. Happy birthday to 30 years of doing what you love, guys! 🥳🎉

StrungOut Instagram 2022
 🎟 O2 priority tickets + non-O2 shows (SCA dates + Belfast / Dublin) on sale immediately
 🎟 general tickets for all O2 shows on sale Monday, 24 May, 5 PM
All upcoming Less Than Jake dates and ticket info can be found here!